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Finding my passion

I never considered my self to be a "creative person", despite the best efforts of my music & art teachers.  When I was planning my wedding I was stunned with how expensive everything was and especially disappointed by the cost of flowers. The flowers were my favorite part of a wedding and I wanted nothing more than my wedding to flourish with greenery and flowers.  I pursued a DIY approach, determined to have the flowers I wanted at a fraction of the cost.  My internet ordered flowers came two days before my wedding, upon opening  the box I found the order was all wrong, imagine my surprise!  After calming down I found other flower sources last minute and fervently started to create arrangements for my fast approaching wedding. This is not an experience I wish any bride to have. The real gift of this experience was discovering my creativity and falling in love with floral design. From there I began to do wedding flowers for family & friends, who graciously allowed me to gain all my practice, helping bring the beauty of flowers to their special day.

A wedding day should be as stress free and beautiful as possible. I strive to provide fair priced & beautiful flowers for my clients, cutting out the in between costs of big businesses. 


When I am not getting my hands dirty with fresh flowers or succulents, I am a full time mom to 5 wonderful, beautiful bundles of energy.  

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